Spanish Certification

Spanish Ya offers the DELE Spanish Certification program, which consists in six levels for students who wish to obtain a certificate proving that they have successfully passed an official exam.

Each year, more and more companies and academic institutions in Spanish-speaking countries look for, and even require, tangible proof of candidates’ Spanish knowledge. The DELE certificate is an invaluable asset with endless pay offs, especially if you are considering studying abroad in a Spanish or Latin American university, looking forward to work in a Spanish-speaking country or simply want to improve your conversational skills.

These courses have the following daily content:

  • Theory and grammar practice
  • Oral expression, listening and phonetic understanding by means of audio-visual
  • Reading, understanding and written expression
  • Vocabulary and special registries of the Spanish.

Cost of the course: 
The DELE preparation course cost $ 350.00 per week; this is 20 hours of instructions focused on the DELE exam. Please also note that we are happy to arrange the home-stay option for $ 130.00 per week, 3 meals are included.


Tipos de Diploma de español DELE Marco de Referencia Denominación Precio en Dólares
Diploma de español Nivel A1 A1 Acceso U$105.00
Diploma de español Nivel A2 A2 Plataforma U$110.00
Diploma de español Nivel B1 B1 Umbral U$130.00
Diploma de español Nivel B2 B2 Avanzado U$150.00
Diploma de español Nivel C1 C1 Dominio Operativo Eficaz U$165.00
Diploma de español Nivel C2 C2 Maestría U$180.00


Spanish Certification 2016

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