San Juan del Sur is gaining recognition as a popular surf destination. Its small community, quaint streets and colorful local spots are awesome, but it also offers a wide variety of activities and adventure excursions to choose from daily.

Fishing tripsFishing Trips

You can do this any day in the morning or in the afternoon any week day, and the all day trip on weekend, the boats (pangas) have the equipment for fishing; but if you are interested in surfing or snorkelling during the trip then it will be necessary to rent surfboards, snorkels and masks in a surf store we will recommend you. Fishing out of San Juan del Sur often leaves a memorable experience. Fish like marlin, sailfish, dorado, wahoo, and yellowfin tuna can be caught offshore. The inshore waters offer rooster fish, sierra mackerel, jack crevalle, bonitos, barracudas, snapper and grouper.

Rappelling toursRappelling Tour

Rappel down on a 50-meter wall (a waterfall during rainy season); from the top you will enjoy the amazing view of the Palermo Valley and the San Juan del Sur bay. After the rappelling hike down from deep in the forest to visit the only petroglyph known in the San Juan del Sur area.


ziplining toursCanopy Tour

It has superb view of the bay of San Juan del Sur and its surroundings. The canopy tour consists of 16 cables connected through 17 platforms, most of them located up in the trees. Nature is abundant in the area, and you can see animals including monkeys, raccoons, birds, and other animals.

Sea Turtles Tour

La Flor beach is a protected wildlife reserve because of the vast arrival of Olive Ridely turtles during massive “arribadas” that take place every year between July and January. The Olive Ridley turtles come to the beach en masse, during so called arribadas in which thousands of turtles arrive at the same time to lay their eggs. This way, the hatchlings will swarm the beach in huge numbers and in doing so they increase their chance of survival. Wildlife Reserve La Flor measures more than 3,000 hectares and is located 22 kilometers south of San Juan del Sur. It is one of the places in Nicaragua where you can observe the arribadas of Olive Ridley turtles.

Surfing Trips

The school can help you to organize surf trips to the best breaks, like Maderas, Yankee, Escameca, Popoyo, Panga Drops, Manzanillo and Colorado. San Juan del Sur and its surrounding beaches are those places that offer everything a traveling surfer could want. There is consistent year round surf, warm water, and a chance to surf a great break all by yourself. Come and see why Nicaragua is the first destination of many travellers of all parts of the world! The best beaches, swells, reefs and breaks are located in the pacific south of Nicaragua. Surf lessons are also available.

Weekend trip to Ometepe Island

We can organize you a trip to the largest island in the world found within a freshwater lake. We visit “El Ojo de Agua” (waterspring), the ecological reserve of Charco Verde, you can go to the San Ramón waterfall, and yes, hike “Volcán Maderas”.

Trip to “Volcán Masaya” and Granada city

The Masaya Volcano National Park, is one of Nicaragua’s most interesting and beautiful natural phenomena. Before to get there we can pass by San Juan de Oriente, so that you can buy some Nicaragua pottery. And in Granada you will see the 365 little volcano islands in the Cocibolca lake.

Horseback Riding Tour

Ride trails in the hills and see the petroglyphs.

Get a relaxing massage

You decide if you want to have it in your room or you decide to go to the massage center of town.

Pickup service from the Airport to San Juan del Sur

We can arrange the transport from the airport to our school in San Juan del Sur with a reliable and experienced driver. Pick-up service must be requested at least one week in advance.

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